Classical and Contemporary Art Hire Ltd / The Farley Group ‘Farley’ Environmental Policy


The directors and team members at Farley are committed to reducing their impact on the environment, use sustainable practices and improve the environmental performance of daily business activities wherever possible. We apply the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle model when making purchasing or operational decisions.

Our Collection

One of the biggest areas where we have a positive impact on the environment is that our collection is for hire. The ultimate in reuse and recycle. We maintain our collection to the highest standard possible so that pieces can be used again and again, meaning they stay in use for many years and save our clients from having to make or buy something new.

We identify that the activities required to provide our services have a direct and indirect affect on the environment. To support our commitment, we have implemented the following;


Our lighting is made up of predominantly LED, low energy lighting. We use sensors throughout the building so that lights only come on when necessary. Computers are turned off every evening (except when updates are required). We have installed an Electric Vehicle Charger in our main carpark to support and encourage the use of electric vehicles and are looking to change our company cars and fleet to electric vehicles as quickly as possible. We currently have one electric van which is in regular use and has dramatically reduced the use of our petrol vans.

Our electricity supplier provides 100% renewable energy that comes from their own wind farms, hydroelectric schemes and solar parks.


We are able to recycle glass, paper/card and tins and strive to do this as much as possible. We take every effort to buy products in recyclable containers. All boxes and packing materials are reused until they are no longer viable. We try to use packing materials that can be more easily recycled such as cardboard boxes and paper tape.

All of our used computer and telephonic equipment is recycled responsibly by our IT and Telecoms companies. We make full use of the recycling schemes run by some of our ink cartridge suppliers by sending back empty cartridges to be reused or recycled appropriately.

We have installed a battery box in our main dispatch where we dispose of all used batteries. We also have a contract with our local waste management company to collect the small amount of hazardous waste we produce (paints, polishes etc) and lightbulbs to be disposed of appropriately.

Cleaning and Kitchen

Most of our cleaning products are from sustainable brands that have an emphasis on environmentally safe, non toxic ingredients (such as Eco Leaf, Delphis and Bio D). Most of these products come in recycled and recyclable packaging and we buy in bulk in extra-large quantities so as to reduce our environmental impact with the packaging and transport, and to promote a refill culture.

We discourage the use of disposable towels and tableware in favour of cloth towels, cutlery and crockery that can be used again. Our kitchen takes great efforts to limit food waste by ordering food weekly according to team attendance and predicted client numbers.


We encourage our team to think before printing and only print essential documents, making best use of the paper. We use a digital document signing software which reduces the need to print what are often long documents. When buying paper products, we buy recycled (such as notepads, sticky notes etc.) as much as possible.

We are committed to purchasing only environmentally preferable products so ensure our reusable company bags are made from more sustainable jute and 100% Organic GOTS certified cotton. Our team garments, from ethical printers Fifth Column, are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and recycled cotton.

The toilet rolls and hand towels we purchase are made from 100% recycled material where possible, or from more sustainable bamboo, and are recyclable. We also buy these in bulk to reduce the amount of packing and transport required.

General and intellectual property rights provisions

We are continuously educating ourselves on new ways to reduce our environmental impact and auditing the company procedures for improvements. We encourage all team members to adhere to the systems already in place and inform directors of any other areas where measures benefitting the environment could be applied.


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Francesca Farley – Director