How to get the most from our stock search, and other features on our website.

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Welcome to the Farley website!  We’d like to think that we’ve created a intuitive and user friendly website but there’s never any harm in giving a few extra pointers here and there so that you can really get the most out of the site. There are some great features and we’d hate for you to miss them so here’s a quick guide to the most important ones.

For most people, the stock search is their main port of call on our site. We are a prop hire company so it makes sense that you’d be coming to us looking for something. On our site, this section is called ‘Browse our Catalogue’ and is located in the top right hand corner of every page. A new feature on our new site is that you can now search our stock, view individual items and build a basket without being registered on the site. Once it comes time to ‘Request A Quote’ you’ll be prompted to Log In or Create An Account (more on these further down) which is quick and easy. But back to the search guide, simply click on ‘Browse Our Catalogue’ and you’ll be directed to the catalogue home page. Choose what kind of items you’re looking for. If you’re on the hunt for furniture or lighting for example, it’s obvious where to click. If what you’re after are smalls like vases, books or humidors then you’ll need Accessories and Dressing Props. Anything to do with food preparation or eating can be found under our Dining section and jewellery, hats, gloves and the like are all part of Costume Accessories. Once you’re in the section you need you can use the ‘Refine By’ list on the left of the page to narrow down your search or simply click on ‘View All’ on the right and you can search the entire section. If you do decide to refine your selection then we recommend you use the ‘Item’ list first and then ‘Type’ to be even more specific. If it’s a particular style you’re after or a colour that you’re trying to find, then refine it further using these lists. If your search results are too limited then simply click on the cross next to the header for each of the ‘Refine By’ selections and it will remove this filter. Here’s an example:

A quick guide to searching for hire stock on the Farley website

A guide to the ‘Refine By’ lists:

Item – The general term for the pieces you’re looking for eg. Boxes

Type – A list showing the specific types of items in this section eg. Humidors and Cigarette Boxes

Style – The style of the item you’re looking for eg. English
Don’t be limited here, this section has some useful crossovers that are good to know.

Colour – An obvious one, although it’s also handy to use this section if you’re after a particular material. Most are self explanatory, for example, Silver and Grey relates to the colour but will also bring up anything made of silver, pewter and mirror. Brown will bring up plain wood items but also a lot of uncoloured leather items. White and Cream will give you plain ceramic items, as well as bone and ivory. Clear refers to anything made of glass and multicoloured can mean exactly that but also that we’ve got a large selection of this item in many different colours.

Some items do cross over and can be found in several sections for example, Bowls span several of the categories so bear in mind how the item will be used. If it’s a bowl that you eat out of or prepare food in then it will be under our Dining section, however, if it’s the kind of bowl you’d have one the wall or in the centre of a table as decoration then it will be under Accessories and Dressing Props. Of course this list is just a guide, with some artistic license many of our items can be used in ways never intended and that we’d never have guessed!

You can use all or none of the ‘Refine By’ lists, whatever helps you to find exactly what you need.

No time for ‘refine by’ lists, then type in what you need:

If you know exactly what you’re looking for and want to go straight to it, or don’t know quite how it would be categorised then you can use the text search bar. It’s located on the top left hand side of the second toolbar on every page within the catalogue so you can use it at anytime. Simply type in what you’re looking for and up it comes. Here are a few tips on how to get the most accurate results from the text search:

BE SPECIFIC – If you type in Chair, you’ll get 570 results but if you type in Throne Chair, you’ll get a more manageable 45 results.

BUT DON’T BE TOO SPECIFIC – If you type too many words in the search you’re unlikely to get an exact match or you’ll restrict the search so much that you might miss something that would be perfect. For example, if you type in ‘Throne chair with silver legs and cushion seat’ you only get one result (hopefully exactly the thing you’re looking for!) but you’ll be missing out on other things.

USE SINGULAR OR PLURAL – It doesn’t matter, the search recognises both.

STOCK CODES – If you know the stock code of an item, eg. CHAC10000, and want to see the image and description of it then type it in here and up it will come.

How to search for stock on the Farley Prop Hire website

Viewing Stock:

If you’ve spotted a piece you like click on it. It’ll open a new page giving you more details on the item, including dimensions and in many cases you’ll also get additional images showing alternative views of the item and close ups on interesting details. If you’d like to get an even closer look then click on the magnifying glass symbol and in most cases you’ll get a ‘zoomed’ in view of the product. This gives you as accurate a representation of the colour and condition of each piece as possible (though there’s no substitute for a visit to our showrooms to see pieces in the flesh!). The stock code for the item can be found at the top of the page. Any additional details, measurements etc., are on the right of the main image and the additional images can be found below. Here’s an example:

An example of a product page on the Farley Hire website.

Making an Enquiry or Wishlist:

You’ve spotted just the thing you need and now you want to know if it’s available when you need it and how much it’s going to cost. Easy. Just click on the item to bring up its individual page, adjust the quantity if necessary, and then click on ‘Add to Enquiry’. If you need other items then click on ‘Continue Browsing’ and follow the same process until you’ve got everything you need. If you have any questions you’d like answered (“Does this have matching chairs?”, “How wide is the base?” for example) simply type them in to the additional comments box at the bottom left of the page. If you plan to collect your items from us then you can select collection but if you’d like a quote for us to deliver please Then click on ‘Request A Quote’ and either ‘Log In’ or ‘Create an Account’ to continue (more on that further down). We’ll then receive your enquiry and get back to you as quickly as we can with all the information you need.

If you’re simply browsing and want to ‘save’ some items you’ve seen for later rather than submit an enquiry straight away, you can add them to a ‘Wishlist’. Your Wishlist can be viewed again another time after logging in. Items in your Wishlist can easily be removed or added to an Enquiry as and when you’re ready.

Add your favourite hire items to a wish list on the Farley Prop Hire website.

Creating an Account:

Online security is an important consideration and with this in mind we decided not to transfer any personal data from our old site to our new one. As a result, all of our clients, old and new, will have to register the first time they use the site. We know it’s a bit annoying, and we’re really sorry for any inconvenience but on the plus side, it’s more secure, you can create your own memorable password (not a random auto generated one that some of you had to use in the early days), and it’s really really quick and easy. So quick and easy in fact that we had to time it down to the seconds. The average user registered in 30 seconds! Once you’ve registered, and you’ll only ever have to do this once, you’ll be able to log straight in when prompted in future.

Logging In:

Once you’ve created your account (in 30 seconds!) you’ll be able to log straight in when prompted in future. Once logged in you’ll be able to view your account dashboard where you can update personal details, add address details for use on your enquiries, amend your password, update your newsletter subscription, view your wishlists and also view past orders which is a handy tool for re-hires or when you want to hire that perfect pair of candelabra again that you had on a job six months ago.

There are plenty of other great features on the site but we don’t want to bombard you so we’ll leave you to explore those on your own. If there’s something specific that you can’t find or are struggling to get to grips with please feel free to call us on 02087499925 and we’d be happy to talk you through it.