Lewis & Kaye

Lewis and Kaye, the fine antique silver dealer, had its origins in London’s fashionable Mayfair. Wanting to correct some of the historical inaccuracies of early films, its original owner, Mr Kaye Sr., stumbled upon a new branch for the business, supplying silver, china, glassware and valuable expertise to all manner of theatrical productions.

Since acquiring this coveted collection in 2008, when Mr and Mrs Kaye retired, we were able to broaden our existing range of fine dining tableware. In excess of 15,000 pieces can now be found in this department alone. Lewis and Kaye stock everything from silver candlesticks to chalices, as well as cutlery, crockery and glasses, encompassing antiquity to modern times. The most comprehensive collection of its kind.

Mark and the team are happy to help you with your selection and can advise on the appropriate pieces, usage and placement of tableware for your period. We’ve even got areas for you to layout the bits you select in case you’re struggling to envisage them at a banquet. The collection has been used in productions like Gosford Park, Downton Abbey, Poirot and Game of Thrones and caters equally well to classical interiors or more rustic ones.

Not only is Lewis and Kaye’s vast stock used as props and action props for film and television productions but it is also put to good use in photo shoots, food photography, by florists and where it really shines is in the glamorous world of private parties. We supply many of the top party organisers when they need something unusual and unique to set them apart from the rest.