My degree is in Product Design and I have always been excited about materials, the history of all objects and how everything is crafted.

It’s very easy for me to get attached to our props, as I know there is a story behind each one of them – and you will find hundreds of stories on the shelves of Lewis and Kaye.

Before joining the company, I worked with Fine Art and Interiors, but it was my passion for film that brought me here. There’s nothing more exciting than hearing a new story from a customer and finding the right props for a set. I see it as using history to make history.

I’ve always been passionate about stories in any form, and in my spare time I am trying my hand at screenwriting. I can appreciate the creativity in any genre, and I think that it’s the small details that can change the faith of story or a film. I believe there is beauty in the ugly and no good story ever started without imperfection. Noir Films are my favourite – the sets speak for themselves.