I started working for Lewis and Kaye in 1988 after 6 years of working freelance on films.

It was still owned by Ernest Kaye and his wife then and the industry was very different in those days!  Before the age of smart phones and email all our advice notes were written up by hand and added up on a calculator!  I feel that it was that way of working which has shaped my own precise nature when it comes to dealing with props hires to this day.

In my time here I have accumulated a large knowledge of period glass, china, silver and tableware and have worked on many large and interesting productions.  Supplying the china and cutlery for the production ‘Titanic’ was a standout moment.  The Production Designer had requested that all the china and silver cutlery be engraved with the ‘White Star Line’ flag and we were happy to be able to supply brand new china and cutlery which met their request.